Hydraulic Roof Hooklift Containers

The Hydraulic Roof was developed to service the applications that require a fully open container for loading purposes, but an enclosed container for security, weather protection or liquid spill prevention.

The roof is made from a strong RHS frame with lightweight spars. This structure is hinged down one long side and is hand operated via a manual hydraulic pump. All hydraulic hoses, valves, and cylinders are protected by burst valves, so the roof can never descend out of control.


Build Option 
Hydraulic Roof Rainguard Fitted With Neoprene Seal 

Neoprene rubber sheeting has good strength and abrasion properties. It is also resistant to weathering, ageing, inorganic salts, acids, ozone and animal and vegetable oils. Neoprene rubber sheeting is not suitable for applications involving aromatic hydrocarbons and ketones.

Shore Hardness: 60° ± 5°

Temperature: -30° to +70°C