Continental - WEEE Storage Bin is built exacting standards as continental 1100 litre container.

The WEEE Bin has been designed and adapted to cater directly for the collection and recycling of small to medium size electrical goods and to divert small WEEE from residual waste being sent to landfill.

This specialist electrical waste container allows for simple collection and secure storage of unwanted electrical items and has the added benefit of a drop-down opening for ease of unloading.

Technical Information 

Double skinned UV resistant rotary-moulded lids. Available in a range of colours.

Smaller apertures prevent larger items from being deposited and increased the security of valuable recyclates.

Dual flap lid allows two people to use the storage container ideal for Civic Amenities Sites and electrical companies who offer a WEEE recycling service.

Steel top improves the security of the contents.

Drop back for ease of loading/unloading bulky electrical items.

Handles designed to EN 840 for ergonomic handling and safety keeping hands away from lifting gear.

Steel centred castors manufactured to EN840 specification.

Sump base for improved rigidity and stability with a drain plug as standard.

Draw - depth and shape of pressing optimised to avoid buckling distortion of bin on impact or lifting when laden. 
N.B. WEEE Storage Bins cannot be lifted but fork sleeves can be fitted if required.
WEEE Storage Bin Dimensions:

Internally welded seams stop water penetration, preventing the corrosion that plagues less well-made metal waste containers. With full EN840 certification, the will give you exceptional lifetime value with limited downtime, unlike plastic and other alternative steel commercial trade waste bins.
Internally welded seams prevent internal corrosion, whilst the hard-wearing galvanised steel body and base make for a durable, long-lasting container that delivers exceptional lifetime value when compared to plastic or alternative steel containers.
The key benefits to owning continental WEEE Storage waste bins they completely durable, low maintenance, and fire containment, and long life, vandal proof and low cost of ownership compared to similar bins.
Key product features: 
  • Simple, robust steel hinge bar secured by a split pin
  • The double skinned rotationally moulded lid which is both durable and UV resistant. Available in a choice of colours
  • The lids  recover even from extensive deformation unlike injection moulded plastic lids
  • The design avoids water draining into the bin, unlike some alternatives
  • Handles designed to EN 840 for ergonomic handling and health & safety by keeping hands away from lifting gear
  • The continental WEEE Storage Bin is a true litre capacity complying with EN840 standard whereas flat based bins fall short of this compliancy 
  • Steel centred wheels manufactured with needle bearings, grease and rubber optimised for performance

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