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Continental 1100 litre is the undisputed benchmark for the waste and recycling industry

Stylish and easy to use, this 4 wheeled bin can be configured to your most exacting requirements, on even the most demanding waste collection rounds. From DIN points and Danish handles to lid locks and corporate livery, the Continental 1100 litre is the most adaptable commercial trade waste bin available

Quality manufacture means Continental bins keep working, even under the toughest conditions. Like all metal waste and recycling bins we supply, the Continental 1100 has a hard-wearing galvanized steel body and base.

Internally welded seams stop water penetration, preventing the corrosion that plagues less well-made metal waste containers. With full EN840 certification, the will give you exceptional lifetime value with limited downtime, unlike plastic and other alternative steel commercial trade waste bins.

All are internally seam welded to ensure water-tightness and prevent the ingress of waste into the joints, thus preventing premature corrosion.

All Containers are fully hot-dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461:1999 after assembly to ensure a hard-wearing and corrosion-resistant coating.

All containers are fully EN 840 compliant (where applicable) to certify a safe and quality product is supplied and to ensure the product is compatible with all known lifting devices.

The patented top frame is an unbroken pressed steel tube designed to give maximum rigidity to the container during lifts for a longer life span.

The patented comb bar is Rolled section tube with a step profile to ensure maximum rigidity and safe and efficient fit on vehicle lifts. The lifting bar must integrate with all refuse collection vehicles meeting the specification in the European Standard EN 15.

The key benefits of Continental 1100 Ltr Galvanised Steel bin are complete durability, low maintenance, and fire containment, and long life, vandal proof and low cost of ownership compared to similar bins.

Key product features

Comb lifting bar (Frontal receiver) to EN840-2 regulations EN14803 robust steel hinge bar secured by a split pin

The doubled skinned rotationally moulded lid is both durable and UV resistant. Available in a choice of colours

The lid recovers even from extensive deformation unlike injection moulded plastic lids
Handles designed to EN 840 for ergonomic handling and health & safety by keeping hands away from lifting gear

Deep drawn sump base gives extreme rigidity and increased stability by lowering the centre of gravity and comes with a threaded drain plug to remove liquids

The bin is a true 1100 litre capacity to the EN840 standard whereas flat based bins fall short.
Steel centred wheels manufactured with needle bearings, grease and rubber optimised for performance
Draw depth and shape of pressings optimised to avoid buckling or distortion of bin on impact or lifting when fully laden. Other poorly designed bins fail to get this right and after usage the frame can badly distort beyond the lid, thus allowing water in



Standard Payment Terms

All prices which we quote are inclusive of delivery to any UK mainland business postcode and delivery address,

We don’t usually ask for any deposit payment upfront.

Standard payments terms are 14 Days after delivery unless otherwise agreed at the time of order, we accept BACs payment, not card payments, V.A.T would be applied to any invoice.

Please Note* DJE don’t supply Plastic Recycling Bins

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