26 Cubic Yard General Purpose Smooth Sided Open Hooklift Skip

26 Yard Smooth-Sided Open RO-RO Containers are the most economical product in our Container product range and are built with curved sides. They have a double-skinned overlap with a 3mm top plate overlapping the 4mm curved lower plate by 300mm to provide extra strength. We offer a choice of container door options, from side-hung and top-hung doors with ratchet locking secured by secondary locking pins to double barn doors with twin lock operations. All are secured by a door holdback system to ensure operator safety.
Suitable For:

Cardboard Recycling.
Consumer Waste.
Food Manufactures waste products.
General Waste.
Wood Waste.
Trade Waste Collection.
Industrial locations and applications.
Recycling Contractors.
Plant Hire
Ground Works 

All hook lift RO-RO containers we supply comply fully with HSE Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in consultation with the Waste Industry Safety and Health (WISH) and exceed CHEM Standards and compliances.

Standard Build

• Single door with ratchet locking, secondary locking and unique door hold back
• Heavy duty box section Top Rail for additional strength
• Ramp Plate over Bale Bar
• Internal & External Welded
• Bale Bar captive welded in channel
• Rope/Tie Down point on either side of the container
• Cheek Plates in ‘A-Frame and Bale Bar container
• ‘A-Frame 180mm x 75mm PFC
• Manufactured to CHEM Standards
• Gusset plates fitted to ‘A-Frames
• Steel roller fitted with Oilite bushes

Side Thickness: 4mm top plate overlaps the 4mm curved lower plate by 300mm.

Top Rails:120mm x 80mm x 5mm RHS top rails.

Base:4mm with 7 off - 140mm x 75mm x 4mm pressed channel cross members

Door:6 Panel door, 3mm plate

Container Static Weight Empty: 2523 Kgs

• Locking is a ratchet turnbuckle system with a secondary locking pin, this operates a heavy-duty locking mechanism
• Door hold back is a Labyrinth Plate with gravity catch as standard
• 3 hinges fitted with grease nipples
• Headboard:4mm plate with 100mm x 100mm RHS Bolster above ‘A-frame
• Paint: Painted to a standard RAL/BS colour. Customer to specify.
• ID Marks: Welded codes as specified by the customer (Location and code reference)

Options - Description

Should you require any of the following options please call (01709 - 730341) or email us.

Build Options:

5mm: Floor
5mm: Lower sides
4mm: Upper sides
4mm: Door
Floor Angles

Spreader Bars: Removable Spreader Bar.

Swaged Sided: To have the Swaged side rather than smooth sides
Manual Sliding Roof

Door Configuration: Doors can be Single Door (standard) Top Hinged or Double Door arrangements.

Logo/Vinyl: As required by the customer, give clear instructions to the user/consumer. Colours and logos to be supplied by the customer.

HSE directives state: ladders are not permitted on containers, as this is impractical, our solution is to put a half-height ladder 1.2m below the top rail, this allows the operator to see what’s inside with no danger of falling in.

Finish 1.2m from the top of the container.
40mm x 40mm RHS Frame.
20mmm dia. solid rungs.

Signboards: Can be fitted on either side of the container and/or the door, providing an opportunity for the company name, logo phone number or type of waste to be collected.

Rollers: Roller fitted with ‘Oilite’ bushes.



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