30 Cubic Yard Heavy Duty/Demolition Specification. Standard Spec includes; swaged sides; large back door, side hinged; headboard; floor; bale bar; welded inside & out including all uprights & A-frame

Designed for use, where heavy items are contained for transport, with unique features to ensure each container is extremely strong, durable and long-lasting, to withstand the frequent and daily loading and unloading by machine within inhospitable environments.

Standard Demolition Build

•Ramp Plate over Bale Bar
•Internal & External Welded
•Bale Bar captive welded in channel
•Rope/Tie Down point on either side of
•Cheek Plates in ‘A-Frame and Bale Bar container
•‘A’ Frame 180mm x 75mm PFC
•Spreader Bar 160mm x 80mm RHS
•Gusset plates fitted to ‘A-Frames
•Manufactured to CHEM Standard
•Steel roller fitted with ‘Oilite’ Brushes
•Swaged sides for rigidity
•7 uprights for additional strength
• 15-floor cross members to take the impact of heavy items being constantly loaded
•Captive welded Bale Bar to ensure the continued strength of repeated lifting
•Heavy duty box section Top Rail for additional strength
•Single door with ratchet locking, secondary locking and unique door hold back

Heavy duty box section: Top Rail for additional strength

Top Rails: 160mm x 80mm x 5mm RHS top rails

Side Thickness: 4mm swaged with 7off - 140mm x 76mm x 3mm pressed channel uprights per side.

Base: 5mm with 15 off -140mm x 76mm x 4mm pressed channel cross members

Headboard: 5mm plate with 80mm x 80mm RHS frame and 100mm x 100mm RHS Bolster

Static weight empty: 3180 Kgs

Load Over Height; 2071 mm

•6 Panel door, 4mm with 80mm x 80mm x 3mm RHS frame
•Locking is a Ratchet Turnbuckle system with a secondary locking pin, this operates a
Heavy-duty locking mechanism
•Door hold back is a Labyrinth Plate with Gravity Catch as standard
•3 hinges fitted with grease nipples

Paint: Painted to a standard RAL/BS colour. Customer to specify.

ID Marks: Welded codes as specified by the customer (Location and code reference)

Options - Description

Should you require any of the following options please call (01709 73034) or email us.

Spreader Bars: Removable Spreader Bar

Flat sided: To have the side flat rather than swaged

Door Configuration: Doors can be Single Door (standard) Top Hinged or Double Door arrangements

Logo/Vinyl: As required by the customer, give clear instructions to the user/consumer. Colours and logos to be supplied by the customer.

Finish 1.2m from the top of the container
40mm x 40mm RHS Frame
20mmm dia. solid rungs

Signboards: On either side of the container and/or the door, providing an opportunity for company name, logo and phone number or type of waste to be collected

30 Yard Heavy Duty Dimensions 




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RO-RO Skips

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