DJE Recycling Systems offer a full range of Galvanised Steel Recycling and Trade Waste Bins which are suitable for recycling general waste and commingles to Metropolitan Borough Council Bins from 500-1280 Litres capacity optional lids. Offering effective collection and storage for the smallest items through to bulky cardboard making these bins suitable for Metropolitan Borough Councils.

With a capacity range of 500ltr to 1280ltrs, Continental Recycling containers have the versatility to meet different on-site needs. The smaller units such as the 500ltr  which is ideal for the storage of glass and food waste as they restrict the potential weight collected and can be moved through internal doorways. The larger 1100ltr and 1280ltr recycling bins are designed to deliver a larger storage capacity to reduce operating costs by removing the need for frequent collection.

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Ideal For:

  • Car Parks,
  • Church Yards
  • Cemeteries
  • Shopping Areas
  • Parks and Gardens
  • Parish Council Recycling centres 

Just like the Continental Trade bin, which we supply recycling bins are tested to exceed EN 840 standards, giving you confidence that you’ll meet all your legal and duty of care obligations

Built to EN840 standards the award-winning Continental range is established as the industry standard for waste and recycling containers, regardless of the market sector

This workhorse of the waste industry offers unrivalled size and capacity options, from 500 litres to 1280 litres

Highly Durable

A steel body, hot-dipped galvanised along with internally welded seams, ensures robust protection in the harshest of environments, and protects the container from internal corrosion due to residual waste being caught in exposed corners.

Exceptionally Strong

Continental range the versatility to manage dense food waste, co-mingled waste as well as the lightest recyclate. That strength also means our trade waste bins keep on working, so you maximise productivity even in the hardest-working commercial environments, providing real value for money

Assured Compliance

Continental bins are built to meet EN 840 standards in accordance with WISH guidelines, so you can have confidence that your bins will deliver outstanding performance with a proven track record for safety.

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Advantages Powder Coating: Continental Bin,
Provides a layer of protection against corrosion, scratches/chipping and fading,
One of the most economical, longest lasting, and most colour-durable quality finish, hot dipped galvanised steel finish, unlike a wet paint finish.
Powder Coating is a dry finishing process created by an electric charge that causes a dry powder to fuse to the surface of the metal. This is then baked in a curing oven to achieve a smooth coating. It is usually used to create a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint.

We offer a wide range of lids to suit different requirements. Robust double-skinned, rotary moulded plastic they are available in a variety of colours from standard black Trade Lids to Orange flap recycling, ensuring different needs are met. So whether you want your lid to blend in with the environment.
Brush Lid
Brush Lid This Two Aperture Brush Lid entry port lid is ideal for glass, cans and plastic recycling. Available in a wide choice of colours.
Standard Trade Lid
The innovative rotary moulded, the double-skinned lid is waterproof and extra strong. The lid lock plug can be removed for easy post-fitting of a lid lock. Available in a range of colours.
Flap Lid
Designed for paper or plastics recycling. The flap opening lid is available in a wide choice of colours.

 Lid Lock Options

Logos Can Be Applied To The Bin Showing What Can Be Recycled

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