Continental 1280 Ltr Trade Bin 

 The 1280 Continental offers a number of advantages compared to other bins. For example, the capacity of 1280 Ltr is significantly increased over an 1100 Litre bin while sitting in exactly the same footprint. This allows you to collect more waste without taking up any more street space. It also means that less frequent collections are needed which allow significant fuel savings and reduced CO2 emissions. As a result, more and more Recycling Contractors and Local Recycling Businesses are switching from a 1100L to a 1280L bin to maximise efficiency and save on CO2 emissions and fuel.

Advantages of a 1280L
  • More waste capacity allows for less frequent collections.
  • Convenient space-saving design (sits in the same footprint as 1100).
  • Saves time, fuel and CO2 due to less frequent collection rounds.
  • Available with Towing and Fork Lift Pocket Options.
  • A range of colours and lid options. 
  • Fully EN840 certified.
Internally welded seams stop water penetration, preventing the corrosion that plagues less well-made metal waste containers. With full EN840 certification, the will give you exceptional lifetime value with limited downtime, unlike plastic and other alternative steel commercial trade waste bins.
The key benefits to owning continental 1280 trade waste bins are they completely durable, low maintenance, and fire containment, and long life, vandal proof and low cost of ownership compared to similar bins.
All the Continental Range are EN840 Compliant with the exception of the 1280 Litre containers. EN 840 is the recognised European standard for mobile waste containers of various capacities and specifications. By ensuring your bin(s) are compliant with these standards, you are able to help ensure the safety of employees and the general public.

The handles are placed in the optimal areas for ergonomics and manoeuvrability of the containers, whilst still retaining a safe distance from any moving parts on the refuse truck.

The castors fitted to the bins are tested for both strength and rolling resistance to ensure you get a long life from the bin, yet the bin is still compliant with all health and safety recommendations for manoeuvring wheeled objects.

Key product features:
  • Comb lifting bar (Frontal receiver) to meet EN840-2 regulation
  • Simple, robust steel hinge bar secured by a split pin
  • The double skinned rotationally moulded lid is both durable and UV resistant. 
  • Available in a choice of colours
  • The lid recovers even from extensive deformation unlike injection moulded plastic lids
  • The design avoids water draining into the bin, unlike some alternatives
  • Handles designed to EN 840 for ergonomic handling and health & safety by keeping hands away from lifting gear.
The continental trade bin is a true 1280 litre capacity complying with  EN840 standard whereas flat based bins fall short of this compliancy.
Steel centred wheels manufactured with needle bearings, grease and rubber optimised for performance.
Two foot operated, trailing braking wheels at the front with two swivel wheels at the back. 

Draw depth and shape of pressings optimised to avoid buckling or distortion of the bin on impact or lifting when fully laden. Other poorly designed bins fail to get this right and after usage the frame can badly distort beyond the lid, thus allowing water in
Dimensions and Build Compliances 

Standard Build Compliances 
  • Double tank method as dictated by European Standard BS EN 840  
  • Quality Control Certification to BS EN ISO 9001:2000
  • Bin comply in full with European Standard BS EN 840
  • Certification to Environmental Standard BS EN ISO 14001
  • Recycling bins comply in full with ‘The Noise and Emission in the Environment by Equipment for use Outdoors Regulation 2001’. BSENISO3744:1985 
  • Hot dip galvanised to meet BS EN 1461: 2009
  • Bin body steel, all joints fully welded with all internal body seams continuously welded. All steel parts galvanised after manufacture to meet BS 729.
  • Galvanised steel body with internal fully welded seams
  • Castors Compliant with EN840
Bin Dimensions: 



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