Continental Duo Bin

Designed to allow the collection of separate waste streams in the same footprint as the industry standard 1100 Litre container.

The Continental Duo Bin is ideal for customers with restricted space for multiple containers but needs to be source segregated.

The split lid operation rests upon a dividing plate, which also operates as a rain channel to prevent seepage into the bin and the potential to contaminate dry recyclables

The container can even be dual-coloured and logos to really get the message across that the two sides can contain different materials. And with independently lockable lids either side of the Continental Duo Bin can be collected independently by a standard collection vehicle.

Continental Duo Bin provides commercial enterprises with the perfect answer to the cost and space problems of having to accommodate separate bins for mixed recyclables and general waste. The Duo bin is divided into two equal sections, each providing approximately 550L capacity, and equipped with its own independently locking lid to cater for staggered waste collections. Duo bin means that organisations that operate in conditions where space is limited, or cost is a major consideration, can now employ just one waste container for recyclables and general waste, whereas two bins would have been required previously.

Benefits of Continental Ltr Recycling Bin

All Containers are internally seam welded to ensure water-tightness and prevent the ingress of waste into the joins, thus preventing premature corrosion.

All Continental Galvanised Steel Recycling bins are fully EN 840 compliant (where applicable) to certify a safe and quality product is supplied and to ensure the product is compatible with all known lifting devices.

The patented top frame (where applicable) is an unbroken pressed steel tube designed to give maximum rigidity to the container during lifts for a longer life span.

The patented comb bar is Rolled section tube with a step profile to ensure maximum rigidity and safe and efficient fit on vehicle lifts. The lifting bar must integrate with all refuse collection vehicles meeting the specification in the European Standard EN 15.

All four castors are 200mm steel-centred rubber-tyred swivel castors, two of which are fitted with trailing brakes (Brakes are press to lock, press to release) bolt-on for easy replacement 

Lids are Rotary-molded double skin plastic with a minimum weight of 5.0 kilos manufactured in an aluminium mould for a superior finish.

Advantages Powder Coating: Taylor Continental Bin,

Being one of the most long-lasting superior paint finishes, and colour-durable quality finishes. Which is then baked on through the High-Temperature Conveyor Drying System. Unlike a wet paint finish.

Colour Options: Container can be powder coated using polyester powder, which is baked and cured in a controlled oven

Available in a Range of Colours and Lid options.

Reflecting its dual recycling role, the Duo can be painted in two distinct colours and is equipped with different colour lids as standard for each separate compartment. In common with all Continental bins, both body and lids of the Duo can be colour customised to meet individual customer requirements.

This is important to enable users filling the bins and also contractors and operators handling the Duo to instantly identify which compartment requires emptying at any one time.

Based upon the Continental 1100, the Duo offers users the qualities of robustness, reliability and long life for which the Continental is renowned. The body of the Duo is hot-dip galvanised steel and integrates a patented integral tubular top frame, giving immense rigidity and durability. In addition, all internal seams in the bin are fully welded, eliminating crevices where waste can be trapped, and corrosion can take root
Key product features:

Steel-centred wheels manufactured with needle bearings, grease and rubber optimised for performance
Duo-Bin Dimensions: 

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