The smallest of the Continental range, the Continental® 500 is ideal for both your indoor and outdoor waste storage needs with the ability to fit through a standard sized doorway due to its small footprint and compact design.
The Continental 500 litre, which is the smallest in the range, is ideal for both your indoor and outdoor waste storage needs with the ability to fit through a standard sized doorway due to its small footprint and compact design.

Continental 500 is built with quality in mind and is ideal for collecting heavy waste whilst maintaining safety. The Continental 500 litre is also available with Fork Lift Pockets or a Foot Operated Lid as well as a wide range of colours and other options

500 litre steel body


Hot-Dipped Galvanised Steel along with internally welded seams ensures robust protection in the harshest of environments and protects the container from internal corrosion due to residual waste being caught in exposed corners. Internally welded seams stop water penetration, preventing the corrosion that plagues less well-made metal waste containers. With full EN840 certification, they will give you exceptional lifetime value with limited downtime,
Internally welded seams stop water penetration, preventing corrosion.
The top frame is a complete welded tube, not split or open bend, with a diameter of 20mm. The use of the complete welded tube is very important here, as by using a complete tube there are no holes or gaps in which waste can leak into the top frame itself when the container is lifted on emptying.

All four castors are either 200mm or 160mm Steel centred wheels manufactured with needle bearings, grease and rubber optimised for performance steel centred rubber-tyred swivel castors, two of which are fitted with trailing brakes (Brakes are press to lock, press to release) are bolted on for an easy replacement. Two foot operated, trailing braking wheels at the front with two swivel wheels at the back. (Not Welded On or Plastic Centred Castors)

Also available with Castors Options

Continental Towing containers are fully adapted and built with a heavy-duty reinforced base and heavy-duty Power castors and removable tow link system allowing up to 4 wheeled containers to be moved at a time subject to bin size and materials, ground conditions and material weights.

Bin Towing Containers provide a safe, practical answer to all towing requirements. Any container which is to be towed should be fitted with heavy-duty Power Towing castors or two swivel castors complete with directional locks, at one end of the container and that no more than four containers are towed at any one time.
Please note we would not recommend using standard castors for towing up to 4 bins

Lids are Rotary-molded double skin plastic with a minimum weight of 5.0 kilo manufactured in an aluminium mould for superior finish 15 Standard Colour Options.

Standard Trade Lid

The innovative rotary moulded, double skinned lid is waterproof and extra strong. The lid lock plug can be removed for easy post fitting of a lid lock.

Flap Lid

Designed for paper or plastics recycling. The flap opening lid is available in a wide choice of colours.

Brush Lid

This two aperture brush entry port lid is ideal for glass, cans and plastic bottle recycling. Available in a wide choice of colours from our range.


Lid Lock Options

Advantages Powder Coating: Taylor Continental Bin,
Powder Coating is a drying process created by an electric charge that causes a dry powder to fuse to the surface of the galvanised steel bin.
Providing a layer of protection against corrosion, scratches/chipping and fading,
Being one of the most long-lasting superior paint finishes, and colour-durable quality finishes. Which is then baked on through the High-Temperature Conveyor Drying System. Unlike a wet paint finish.

Technical Drawing: Standard 500 Litre Bin

For Further Information on the 500 Litre General Waste Bin: Please Phone DJE On: 01709-730341 Or Via the Contact Form

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