Continental Recycling Bins

Continental Recycling bins are designed to offer effective collection and storage for the smallest items through to bulky cardboard.

With the same robust construction as the award-winning Continental trade bin. The Continental Recycling Bins are manufactured to the same levels of durability and quality, ensuring these Recycling bins remain working even under the most demanding conditions.

Flexibility with a capacity range of 500ltr to 1280ltrs, Continental Recycling containers have the versatility to meet different on-site needs.

The smaller units such as the 500ltr are ideal for the storage of glass and food waste as they restrict the potential weight collected and can be moved through internal doorways.

The larger 1100ltr and 1280ltr recycling bins are designed to deliver a larger storage capacity to reduce operating costs by removing the need for frequent collection.

The Continental Recycling Bins are available with a wide range of options including a flap lid ideal for paper and cardboard or brush apertures ideal for cans and bottles. Available with Towing and Fork Lift Pocket options as well as a wide range of colours and other options including DIN points and embossing.

Taylor-Bins-Continental-500 Litre-660 Litre - 700 Litre-1100 Litre and 1280 Litre Fitted with Flap Lid-Suitable for Recycling: Mixed Dry Recyclables Paper recycling - dry paper waste, newspapers, office paper and magazines. Cardboard corrugated cardboard, cereal boxes and card, Metal cans clean, empty drinks cans and food tins Plastic – packaging films, empty drinks bottles, rinsed out milk bottles, clean salad trays, rinsed out microwaveable meal trays, margarine tubs, glass jars, glass bottles NOT FOOD WASTE

Highly Durable Galvanised Steel Body

Galvanised Steel Body, hot-dipped galvanised steel along with fully internally welded seams, ensures robust protection in the harshest of environments and protects the container from internal corrosion due to residual waste be caught in exposed corners.

Internally fully welded seams stop water penetration, preventing the corrosion that plagues less well-made metal waste containers. With full EN840 certification, they will give you exceptional lifetime value with limited downtime, unlike plastic and other alternative steel commercial trade waste bins. Steel centred wheels manufactured with needle bearings, grease and rubber optimised for performance (we don’t offer plastic centred castors)Fully Internally welded seams prevent internal corrosion, whilst the hard-wearing galvanized steel body and base make for a durable, long-lasting container that delivers exceptional lifetime value

Continental Towing bins

Continental Towing containers are fully adapted and built with a heavy-duty reinforced base and heavy-duty Power castors and removable tow link system allowing up to 4 wheeled containers to be moved at a time subject to bin size and materials, ground conditions and material weights.
Taylor Towing Containers provides a safe, practical answer to all towing requirements. Any container which is to be towed should be fitted with heavy-duty Power Towing castors or two swivel castors complete with directional locks, at one end of the container and that no more than four containers are towed at any one time.

Please note we would not recommend using standard castors for towing up to 4 bins

Not all continental bin containers sizes are suitable for towing please phone us on 01709 - 730341 so we can advise you on the correct size bin to suit your requirements

Lids are Rotary-molded double skin plastic with a minimum weight of 5.0 kilo manufactured in an aluminium mould for superior finish 15 Standard Colour Options.

Advantages Powder Coating: Taylor Continental Bin,
Powder Coating is a drying process created by an electric charge that causes a dry powder to fuse to the surface of the galvanised steel bin.
Providing a layer of protection against corrosion, scratches/chipping and fading,
Being one of the most long-lasting superior paint finishes, and colour-durable quality finishes. Which is then baked on through the High-Temperature Conveyor Drying System. Unlike a wet paint finish.

For Further Information regarding Recycling Bins please phone 01709-730341
Or Via The Contact Form


660 litre – 1280 Litre Bins Standard Build Compliances

  • Comb lifting bar (Frontal receiver) to meet EN840-2 regulation
  • Simple, robust steel hinge bar secured by a split pin
  • The double skinned rotationally moulded lid is both durable and UV resistant. Available in a choice of colours
  • The lid recovers even from extensive deformation unlike injection moulded plastic lids
  • The design avoids water draining into the bin, unlike some alternatives
  • Handles designed to EN 840 for ergonomic handling and health & safety by keeping hands away from lifting gear
  • The continental bins comply with EN840 standard whereas flat based bins fall short of this compliancy
  • Standard Build Compliances
  • Double tank method as dictated by European Standard BS EN 840
  • Quality Control Certification to BS EN ISO 9001:2000
  • Bin comply in full with European Standard BS EN 840
  • Certification to Environmental Standard BS EN ISO 14001
  • Recycling bins comply in full with ‘The Noise and Emission in the Environment by Equipment for use Outdoors Regulation 2001’. BSENISO3744:1985
  • Hot-dip galvanised to meet BS EN 1461: 2009
  • Bin body steel, all joints fully welded with all internal body seams continuously welded. All steel parts are galvanised after manufacture to meet BS 729.
  • Galvanised steel body with internal fully welded seams
  • Castors Compliant with EN840
  • The patented top frame is an unbroken pressed steel tube designed to give maximum rigidity to the container during lifts for a longer life span.
  • The patented comb bar is Rolled section tube with a step profile to ensure maximum rigidity and safe and efficient fit on vehicle lifts. The lifting bar must integrate with all refuse collection vehicles meeting the specification in the European Standard EN 15.


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